Become an Energy Expert for your Small Business

Constellation knows that small business owners are always concerned about the bottom line. And that means having the information you need to make the best energy choices for your business. That's just one reason we offer small business owners a variety of energy sources — both natural gas and electric — as well as the ability to budget for energy through fixed-rate pricing.

Fixed-Rate Plans vs. Variable-Rate Plans

A fixed-price energy plan is exactly what it sounds like: You lock into a fixed rate for a chosen period of time and you select the term that works for you. During that contract the weather and other factors might effect energy markets, potentially increasing the energy rates for your competitors, but your monthly energy rate will remain the same. With a fixed-rate plan you can budget with confidence and avoid potential spikes in energy prices that can directly impact your bottom line.

This is in direct contrast to a variable-rate plan, which we also offer. Available in only select states, variable-rate plans are exactly what they sound like. The rates can fluctuate at Constellation’s discretion and/or depending on marketplace factors.

The best way to determine which plan makes the most sense for your business is to speak to one of our business development managers. Call 855-585-3935 and we’ll help you select the small business energy solution that is right for you.

Energy Choice

Constellation is a leading provider of electricity among Fortune 100 companies, and one of the top three retail natural gas suppliers in the United States. We are committed to providing competitive pricing and reliable customer service, no matter which option you choose.

Switching energy suppliers may seem as if it's complicated but it's really quite simple. Your local utility continues to service your lines, check your meter and respond to emergencies. The only difference is that you will receive price protection thanks to the wholesale buying power of a large national company like Constellation — all at a competitive price. We take care of coordinating the switch with your local utility. It's that easy.

Switching to Constellation is simple and only takes a few minutes. To find out what options are available in your state or to request a quote, call us at 855-585-3935 to learn how Constellation can help your small business.

Payment Options

Paying your energy bill has never been easier. When you choose Constellation as your energy supplier, in most markets you will still be billed by your utility. In other markets, you will be billed directly by Constellation. In that case you may qualify for a number of payment options.

  1. Monthly Recurring Payments: The easiest way to pay your Constellation bill is to set up recurring payments. You can use your Discover Card, Visa or MasterCard, and your payment will be debited on your statement date. You can also set up a pre-authorized Automatic Bank Draft, and your payment will be securely withdrawn from your bank account on your invoice date. 
  2. Online Payments: You can pay your Constellation bill online with your Discover Card, Visa, MasterCard, or ATM/Debit card. You can also pay by electronic check.
  3. Pay by Phone: Constellation’s 24/7 automated phone payment system for Georgia is 844-508-3525 and Texas is 833-221-6654. If you are outside of Georgia and Texas you can make a phone payment by calling 833-370-0594 between the hours of 8:00am and 8:00pm EST.
  4. Pay by Mail: Of course, you can still pay your Constellation bill by mail. The remittance address should be on your bill, but in general Submit payments to:  Natural Gas - Constellation, P.O. Box 105223, Atlanta, GA 30348-5223 and Power - Constellation, 14217 Collections Center Dr., Chicago IL 60693-0142.
  5. Pay Through Energy Manager: Constellation’s web-based customer service platform, Energy Manager, puts energy management at your fingertips 24/7. If you have electricity or natural gas accounts with Constellation, you can view all of your information online in one place!  With Energy Manager, you have access to: online invoices, online payment & auto pay, usage reporting, PowerBI visual reports, gas nominations & constraint management and mult-residence management. Visit now at

Change of Ownership

For Texas small business customers who wish to complete a change of ownership for their Constellation account, please complete the Transfer of Service Form, and email it to or fax to 866-714-2990.

Georgia small business customers who wish to complete a change of ownership or change the name on their Constellation account should call 877-677-4355.

For small business customers outside of Texas and Georgia who wish to complete a change of ownership or change the business name on their Constellation account, please complete the Change of Ownership Form, and email it to